Meet Hostival – the world’s first travelling festival hostel, a one-of-a-kind nomadic hostel that makes it’s way around the world to the biggest and most famous festivals.



Since 2004 Hostival has been providing affordable, temporary accommodation at the biggest, wildest festivals and events around the world. Being lovers of festivals ourselves, we understand what our guests want and each Hostival site is dedicated to meeting those needs.

Our globe-trotting mobile hostel is always set up in prime locations at each festival ensuring guests are close enough to all the action whilst maintaining a relaxed atmosphere for the often rough mornings after the night out.

There is no place more necessary to nurse a hangover than at Oktoberfest! This is how the Hangover Hospital was born. Our guests needed a safe place to nurse those hangovers in order to be ready to party all
over again!

There is no better cure for a Hangover than a good night’s sleep which is why we have budget accommodation for around 5000 guests per night!

There is no place more necessary to possibly nurse that hangover than at the Hangover Hospital. Our guests needed a safe place to recover in order to be ready to party all over again!



What Hostival Is Not:

  • 5-Star luxury accommodation
  • A romantic getaway for couples
  • It is not for the faint-hearted and only people serious about having fun should visit

What Hostival Is:

  • Temporary overflow festival accommodation; ie: it’s only there for a few weeks so it is basic – a bed, shower and toilet. What else would you need?
  • Manageable on the pocket, especially if you are booking late and want to be close to the festival
  • A fantastic place to meet people from all over the world partying at the same festival as you



In addition to this, in our custom-made village you will find 25 bars, clubs, restaurants, stalls and souvenir shops.

Getting into the Oktoberfest Spirit: In the Hangover Hospital village you can roll out of bed, slip into your hired or purchased Dirndel or Lederhosen, get some food and then easily move onto the Oktoberfest beer tents with all the new friends you have made at the Hangover Hospital!

We have ensured that the grounds are never more than 15 minutes away from the action at Oktoberfest.

The party at Hangover Hospital never stops! We are situated in Kultfabrik, Europe’s biggest nightclub district. Once you’re done at Oktoberfest for the night you can join us on pub crawls, club nights,
and nights on the town.

Hostival has been a stalwart in afford-able accommodation at Oktoberfest for nearly a decade, ensuring that it is the best choicefor your Oktoberfest needs.

Let Hangover Hospital’s nurses and doctors nurse you back to health and give you a party you will never forget!